Macintosh PowerBook
G3 Kanga

The first G3 PowerBook from Apple was called Kanga. This was the first PowerBook from Apple to use the G3 processor and this one ran at 250mhz. It gets more complex as Apple decided to call the next three generations of G3 PowerBooks, PowerBook G3!

This PowerBook shared parts with the PowerBook 3400c which used a PowerPC 603e processor running 180-240 mhz. The battery was also swappable between the 3400c, and 5300 series.

The rear has ports for network/phone, ADB, SCSI and video. To the far left is an IR port.

The left side has two PCMCIA slots. I use an Orinoco gold wireless network card in the top slot, one trick is to get the correct software for the different WaveLAN/Orinoco cards out there. For the Orinoco gold card I use Agere Systems release 7.2 which works well with this setup. There is also a covered ADB port.

If you are accessing a WEP encrypted network you will need to add 0x ahead of your password.

The right side has a sleep swapable port for the CD rom, floppy or Zip drive.

The battery is also located on the right side.

To access the internal parts of this PowerBook you need to remove the 3 torx screws near the midway point on the bottom. This allows you to flip up the keyboard in a similar manner to other PowerBooks such as the 5300.

With the keyboard flipped out of the way you can access the memory slot.

The maximum amount of ram that can be installed is 128mb giving a grand total of 160mb taking into account the internal ram.

The rear panel has a port for an external monitor which will display millions of colours at 800x600, SCSI, and printer/appletalk ports are also included. The port cover doesn't seem overly flimsy but most of the used Kanga's I've seen are missing this cover.

Though small in size this is a very heavy and thick laptop weighing more than my Pismo. But you can find G3 Kangas on eBay for under $10 with some careful searching and waiting.

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