Useful Saturn part numbers

Part numbers

    Even though we have three Saturn S series cars the 1999's use different parts in some cases than the ones on my 2000 SL2.

    EGR valves. If you go on eBay you will notice many sellers claiming that their part fits 1996-2002 S series Saturns. This is not correct. The 1996-1999 vehicles use an EGR with a different flow rating than the ones used on the 2000-2002 cars.

    To determine the correct EGR valve look at the top of your original one where the wiring harness plugs in on top. You will see part number stamped into the plastic. For 1996-1999 cars this part number is 21006601. For the 2000-2002 model year cars this part number is 210015252.

    Installing an EGR from a 2000-2002 car into a 1996-1999 car may case a Service Engine Soon light to come on with a DTC P0401.

    Dash panel bulbs. I would have guessed this would be easy. Nope I had quite the time with our 1999 SL2 this week.

    I'm going to guess that this information pertains to the 1996-1999 model years. To replace the dash panel lamps it is quite the process.

    First you remove two bolts holding on your dash pad.

    Then you remove the panel under your steering wheel.

    Next remove the covers on the steering column (note there are two deeply recessed bolts one under the tilt release) that require an extra long and slender 7/32 nut driver.

    Once those covers are removed unplug the igniton switch wires.

    Next remove the two bolts holding the steering column (13mm) and let the assy drop onto the seat. DO NOT skip this step by trying to pry up the Hazzard flasher switch!!!!! You will break the switch and have to disassemble the entire steering column!

    Next remove the two plugs holding the trim around the instrument cluster. Unplug the cable to the panel dimmer switch and set that aside.

    Now remove the 4 bolts holding the instrument cluster and unplug the wiring. Pull up the two red tabs before trying to unplug the wiring.

    Now you can get at the bulbs!

    Sad thing is on my 2000 SL2 all I do is remove 2 bolts holding the dash pad in and reach behind the cluster to replace the bulbs.

    The part numbers for the 1996-1999 are different than the ones for the 2000-2002!

    1996-1999 Odometer bulb has a black base and is PN 21020634.
    1996-1999 Instrument cluster illumination has red base and is PN 21023368.
    There is also a grey base bulb for the idiot lights, I do not have the PN for that one.

    2000-2002 Odometer bulb has a white base and frosted lamp PN 2101 9273.
    2000-2002 Instrument panel illumination lamps have blue base and PN 2101 9274.

    The Saturn dealers up here in the Toronto area may not stock them so call ahead!

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